Rothwell Contracting Takes Delivery of their 25th Landini Tractor since Buying their First Landini Legend back in 1999.


Irvin Rothwell started an agricultural contracting business over 30 years ago. Today the business continues to grow and has developed into a dedicated liquid waste handling business.

Key to the success of this contracting business is a fleet of six Landini tractors which Irvin buys locally from his main Landini dealer; Brogans Tractors Duncormick (formerly Duncormick Tractors). The fleet of tractors include:

Year Landini Model Hrs
2008 Landpower 185 Top 8800
2011 Landpower 135 Top Tronic 5300
2013 Landpower 135 Top Tronic 4300
2013 Landpower 145 Techno 3900
2014 Landpower 135 Techno 3000
2016 6-145L Techno 345
2016 6-160L 200

In terms of implements, Irvin maintains a range of slurry tankers, mainly Abbey. The newest tanker bought this year is an Abbey 3000T Premium Plus Tanker which was hitched on to the Landpower 145 on the day we visited, operating on a farm outside Wexford town.  This tanker had a twin-axle but Irvin also has single-axle tankers suitable around small farms and equipped with special road tyres for transport.


With this fleet of tractors, there are four full-time and three part-time staff so Irvin has dedicated a man to each tractor. This means that man drives the same tractor all the time and he is 100% responsible for daily checks, routine services and general upkeep of the tractor. This policy has served the business very well over the years resulting in very little down time or breakage.

Each month Irvin visits Brogan Tractors Duncormick to stock up on genuine oils and filters for his fleet. At every 250 hours interval on the tractors each driver changes the engine oil and filter himself. Then he changes the fuel filters at 400 hour intervals. At 750 hours intervals, the tractors are brought back to Brogan’s for the back-end oil and filter service.


Irvin firmly believes in using genuine oil and filters in his tractors and regular services throughout the year. He acknowledges the support he gets from Brogan’s who will dispatch a mechanic straight away to a break down if one of his drivers reports a problem. Irvin admires Niall Brogan, a young Roscommon man in his twenties who moved down to Wexford in 2013 and set up Brogan Tractors Duncormick.

Rothwell & Landini

Irvin recently received delivery of the new Landini 6-145L Series with a four-cylinder IVECO engine and has already ordered a second 6-145L, which will bring his total fleet to 7 tractors. Commenting on the new tractor, Irvin is very impressed with the layout of the cab, the quietness of the tractor running and the addition of buttons on both rear fenders for controlling the lift and PTO.

All Irvin’s tractors were six-cylinders until the Landpower Series was replaced with a four-cylinder engine to meet Tier-4 emission regulations and renamed the 6-L Series. The transmission which Irvin and his drivers were so familiar with, remained the same in the 6-L Series.  So in order to prove the new 6-L Series would be a suitable replacement for a Landpower, Niall Brogan provided Irvin with a demo tractor to test. The result was positive and an order for two tractors was placed!


As outlined above, Irvin has a mixture of mechanical and power shuttle Landini tractors. While he always only bought six-cylinder models, he has confidence in the engine manufactures that are now producing four-cylinder engines which offer similar power and torque backup. Irvin continues to buy new Landini tractors because they have proven themselves over the years to be simple and reliable machines. Irvin finds this important in terms of minimising costs as there are no unexpected bills coming in the door at the end of the month for big repair jobs.

As Irvin explains, the relationship he has with Brogans Tractors is very important in terms of support and back up service. The loyalty he has in the Landini brand and Brogans tractors out ways any benefit he would see from shopping around.

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